Programmes provide essential long-term support for companies lacking internal capacity or immediate capability.

Each client program is uniquely tailored to address dynamics, nuances, personnel, and specific contexts.

Collaborating closely with clients, we offer assistance in change management, including ownership, leadership, and process optimisation, as well as the integration of lean methodologies.

Furthermore, we excel in embedding leadership development strategies following comprehensive training needs analyses.

Additionally, Meelup Coaching ensures continuous support round the clock, 24/7.

Leading with Confidence / Getting off the Tools

For current, those acting in a step up capacity or those being considered for future roles

Minimum of two days formal / room based with minimum of 3 “in field” interactions

Face to Face / On Site

  • Prospective leaders frequently face unique challenges that can hinder their progress and personal development
  • The shift from hands-on tasks to motivating others poses a considerable challenge, requiring individuals to blend technical expertise with essential soft skills for effective leadership.
  • Our practical-based program empowers participants to excel on their leadership journey, providing the necessary skills and confidence to lead effectively

Cultural Audit

Diagnostic, evaluation, engagement and communication initiative

For Executive team and key influencers, business unit managers

1-3 months to include scoping, measurement, interpretation of results and findings, creation of communication strategy and engagement workshops

Face to Face / On Site

  • Engagement surveys are commonly integrated into a business’s annual or biannual calendar of activities.
  • This program ensures continuity from scoping and data capture to result debriefs, involving engagement with leaders and influencers before shaping the communication strategy for the broader staff
  • It covers various aspects such as culture, levels of engagement, intention to stay, levels of customer service, and quality, delving into the underlying dynamics of the current organisational culture

Meelup Coaching Programme

For Executive team, business unit managers, branch or site managers, project managers and supervisors

Different initiatives ranging from fortnightly to monthly engagement in a one on one setting

Face to Face / On Site

  • Meelup Coaching tailors its approach based on individual client needs, rather than adhering to a predefined Meelup Model

  • Typically conducted on-site, the engagement process often kicks off with a leadership or behavioral diagnostic. This ensures that time and energy are directed towards the development of both strengths and weaknesses

  • For remote or resource-based clients, Meelup offers the Leadership Assistance Programme, providing individuals with 24/7 phone support. This guarantee includes call-backs, even over weekends, recognizing the critical need for support during such times

  • The program extends to include in-field leadership observations and assessments, involving attendance at pre-starts on both day and night shifts

  • The selection of Meelup topics for clients is driven by client engagement, insights gained from on-site experiences, and participant requests, allowing for a customised and responsive approach