Investing in Leadership, Teams & Culture

Empowering Your Success Through Dedicated Professional Development Services

Investing in Leadership, Teams & Culture

Empowering Your Success Through Dedicated Professional Development Services

Elevating Success through Leader & Team Excellence

Research shows a direct correlation between a positive team / corporate culture and the measurable outcomes of culture including  sustainability, heightened productivity, higher employee satisfaction and intention to stay, levels of safety for example.


Bringing Clarity Through Data. Our approach to transformation starts with measurement. Individual Diagnostics Team Diagnostics Culture Diagnostics


The Why Behind Change. Where the journey from awareness to action truly begins.


Where Support and Coaching Matter. Your partner in strengthening your leadership, your teams, & your overall culture.


Your Catalyst for Enhanced Performance. We help improve individual performance and performance across functional teams


Leadership, Teams & Culture Services


Our workshops merge theory with practical application for immediate results, customised in duration and content based on client needs. We focus on assessing current state, hands-on learning, and fostering lasting insights.


Our programmes offer continuous development and coaching with Meelup Management’s support, nurturing ongoing strategic partnerships for sustained growth.


Meelup provides cost effective behavioural based and targeted recruitment support to clients which has included entire project teams.

Past & Current Clients

Past & Current Clients


Meet Chris Wiener

Chris is very well known for his facilitation and development skills driven by a desire to share his knowledge and experience for others to use and learn from. Whether you have been told “YOU HAVE A CULTURE PROBLEM”, “THERE IS A TOXIC CULTURE IN THE TEAM”, “TECHNICALLY A GREAT LEADER, DOES NOT GET PEOPLE AT ALL”, these are often the start of a briefing Chris has heard often and can share some insights and potential approaches for you to consider.

The levels of engagement and experience with people, be it at the leader, team, or entire project/company level is a common element in the client testimonials reflecting his partnership approach. Still learning some 23 years after forming Meelup Management, lot of practical applications to share.

The diagnostic material Chris uses saves time, creates high levels of engagement, avoids wasting time trying to convince the person, team or company that the tools are valid. More time on solutions and development as a result.


What Our Clients Are Saying

As a Senior HR Practitioner it is always important to find the right people to be able to work with on what are usually very complex opportunities!

I have found Chris to be that person and he has worked with me and various organisations over the past 15 plus years.

Across a range of industries including – hospitality, asset owner, construction and local government, Chris has undertaken a range of work including whole of organisation culture audits, leadership assessments/development and coaching and has also been a trusted mentor.

Chris’s no nonsense approach is such that he cuts through ‘the noise’ and get’s to the real issues at hand in a way that fair but firm, and holds you accountable for what it is you and or your organisation needs to do to make a genuine difference.

Senior HR Leader, Perth WA

Taking our team from a group to a leadership team, identifying our gaps through 360 feedbacks then drilling down on what is required to point each individual to becoming a better leader in the business by being out in the real world giving real time mentorship to some of the challenges we face daily.

Travis Harper
Operations Superintendent Freo Group

Chris has a unique ability to relate to people at all levels within an operational setting from manager to staff and as a result is another resource on the ground to ensure we are supporting them as individuals in what they need as people and what the business needs to achieve.

Not just development of our leaders but a positive influence in our team culture including mental health support and delivery of our services to our clients.
He is truly a leader in his field.

Craig Meldrum
Regional Manager Freo Group

Working in the shutdown world for resource companies and contractors on sites, there are from time-to time intense situations.

Part of the value Chris brings is to helps us look at the characteristics of our involvement with the situation and provides us with communication techniques that ensure positive outcomes and a clear mind.

Having a sounding board, knowing the personnel and is available at all times including weekends is greatly appreciated.

HSE Advisor Freo Group

Chris has worked with around 35 of the site based leadership team and major influencers including my HSE team over the past 12 months.

His ability to connect at all levels, ensure relevance, provide coaching and insight whilst constantly reminding us of the effective leadership behaviours and associated techniques to utilise has been important to our success.

The increased “tool kit” has provided our leaders with the skills to deliver the consistent core leadership message this is critical on a mega project with 1,400 staff.

Peter Jones
HSE Manager – Downer Wheatstone Project

Chris has a down to earth nature and I have always found him to be invested in the long term success of both my own personal development and that of the team.

Chris’ extensive experience and knowledge is apparent in the way he delivers coaching and development insights in an infield setting which is often a fast paced and constantly changing environment.

Shut Down Coordinator & Supervisor

Thank you so much for your time Chris.

You are an absolute master coach and we all took so much away from it.

Andrew Carrick
Regional Vice President, Customer Success (APAC) at Diligent

Having completed two CLS360 reviews and associated coaching sessions with Chris, I have discovered not only areas for improvement, but areas of strength to work on.

Chris’ open and insightful way of encouraging self-discovery not only helped with my previous role, but has provided a great foundation to build on in my current role.

Well worth the ‘look in the mirror’ approach provided through a CLS360 review.

Steven Hall
General Manager Projects at Powering Skills Organisation


Our global network of partners shares a passion for delivering evidence-based solutions to our clients.

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