Cultural Confluence: Fast Tracking Team Culture Mergers in Mining and Construction with Chris Wiener and Quentin Jones

Nov 28, 2023

Post-Event Recording

 Join us for our webinar on “Cultural Confluence: Accelerating Team Culture Mergers in Mining and Construction”.

The merging of team cultures is akin to two rivers joining to create a mightier flow. It’s a powerful concept that holds immense potential for high-performance organisations. Now more than ever, leaders are under pressure to align their teams swiftly around a common vision and culture. The challenge intensifies when teams need to ‘cold start’ and operate efficiently under short lead times.

Who should attend?
– Team leads and managers responsible for start-up teams
– Anyone seeking to enhance team performance

Why attend?
– Learn how to more rapidly merge different team cultures
– Boost team performance through innovative strategies
– Gain actionable insights from industry experts Chris Wiener and Quentin Jones, backed by real-world examples

Key Takeaways:
– Guidelines for creating a cohesive team vision and culture from a ‘cold start’.
– Methods to measure and align team cultures using the Circumplex Team Scan (CTS).
– A deep dive into the 5 stages of team culture development
– Identifying and navigating ‘bad norming’ in toxic cultures
– Proactive leadership strategies for team cultural transformation
– A concise half-day workshop blueprint to merge teams

This webinar is proudly sponsored by Culture Capital Group and will be facilitated by its Managing Director, Quentin Jones.

Accelerate your team’s success by mastering cultural confluence.

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